All About Everything

Am I indecisive? Do I have too much to say? Is this just a reaction to writing in a highly specialized niche for so long? Probably all of those.

I have spent the last several years writing a blog about my autistic son - Planet Josh, which handily enough, is right next door to this one. But I found that trying to write about anything else didn't work so well on a blog that has such a narrow focus. So in a fit of rebellion, this happened, and I now have not one, but 4 blogs to write on. Ironically, 3 of them are still very niched - which is not actually a word (sometimes I take liberties). But this one, this is my everything place.

Which might get messy. It will be a bit like putting everything I've ever thought I wanted to write about in a cannon and just firing it at the screen and seeing what happens.

Maybe I'll settle in to some sort of groove once I get going, I'm not sure. You may also show up here wondering what the hell you're going to see next - though that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

I can tell you that there will be posts about things you might consider out-dated. Hey, just because an issue/topic is not part of the latest "news" cycle, does not mean that it's no longer an issue or that it's unworthy of continued attention (also, I'm late to the party, don't hold it against me). Don't worry, there will also be plenty of current events to talk about, not to mention healthy doses of completely random to throw in the mix.

I may also share a little about my dog. Because who doesn't? And  while I don't actually have proof that he's insane, my suspicion is well founded.

There probably won't be any cat pictures, though. I said probably, CALM DOWN.

If you have a problem with swearing, be warned it will happen here. Generally speaking I try not to be offensive when I write (unless you are offended by my opinions, in which case WELCOME TO THE INTERNET), but I will use strong language if it fits the emotion of the subject. Or when I feel like it. Consider this my apology in advance.

Feel free to check out my other babies while you're here - Planet Josh has the most to read since it's the original blog; Along Came George will be as hard to write as it might be for some to read, but I do promise it won't be completely gloomy - that's not how my mom was and it's not how I write; Tales from the Shed is an homage to any and all folks who like to build/re-build/fix things, and those of us who love them.

So... welcome! Let's see how long I can keep this up, shall we?