Welcome to this big 4-headed beast I call my blog. I'm Sarah and I'll be your cruise director for this trip. Everything you need to know and some things you don't, are all up there on the handy cork-board: born in the Lone Star State sometime after the Civil War but before the moon landing, I was actually raised on the west coast of the Great White North. Spent a year in the land of baguettes and smelly cheese, and eventually moved back to the city of my birth to re-experience the fun of fire ants, tornadoes and hurricanes. Or maybe it was grad-school. I have gestated and delivered unto this world two humans, and now my house is lousy with Y chromosomes. After a stint as a nurse practitioner in the city where cheese steaks and soft pretzels are practically a religion, I managed to migrate back to my beloved Pacific Northwest (because I prefer my kids mossy). I now live on an island just west of Seattle. It's like Manhattan, but with more trees, better coffee, and about 1/160 th of the population. And no tall buildings. So really nothing like Manhattan except for its island-ness and square mileage. See the book that's over on the right? Something I wrote is in there. The other countries represented on the board belong to the love of my life. He was born across The Pond but also raised in the Great White North; spent time bringing Irish Rowing some luck (no big deal, he just got them to the Olympics); and was enjoying life as a successful Kiwi rowing coach/university Teaching Fellow before he arrived here in the land of MicroStarsoftbucks to work with the crew represented by that pretty blue logo.

ps. I also write for a local newspaper. I am technically, a reporter. Who knew?

I think that  "about" covers it.